Tuesday, January 13, 2015


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Every day that I get a little older, I realize more and more answers to my wonderings that happen once in a while on how you have been able to make me settle down or what made me actually want to stay put. I knew myself as someone who is driven for constant change, for continuous growth. But it is only now that I unraveled my deeper potential of becoming content with what life has brought me so far… You. Maybe it comes with age. Or maybe not. Maybe this is just how you feel when you have found what you have always been deeply longing for.

Believe it or not, but you are a dream come true. Regrets sometimes visit me for not having met you ahead than the numerous MOFOs I encountered along the way. But the journey is all worthwhile to think that I now end up living my life with someone I have just dreamt of from time to time back then.

I dreamt of a most peaceful life and peace only came to me when I met you. I dreamt of living my life unchained from all unnecessary stress and I achieved that when we decided to build dreams together, for us, and for the ones we truly care for.

I remember always praying to God to give me someone who will take me away from all that I have gone through and let me live a brand new start and tackle a fresh beginning. And each day, when I see you beside me, I am utterly convinced that my prayers were heard.

With you, there was never a dream I had that did not come true. And I cling on to the faith that we will fulfill more dreams together for the rest of our days. Up to that very day when my only dreams left to fulfill is to have enough time to write a letter a day for you and about you.

And even if life will be so cruel to ruin our love and send something in between, I seldom make promises, but now will do, that I won’t be the channel of heartbreak for you.

You may not have been my first love but you will be the only one whom I would be willing to fight for even if it would keep me from loving any other else in this ever changing world.

I do not need any grand matrimonial event to proclaim how much I feel for you. To know I have been able to even have the courage and guts to write such a letter is enough proof of what may turn out as indescribable for others. But deeply understood between us. Besides, if those who got married say it’s about being able to make the love of their dreams come true, then with my dream right beside me everyday, should I even ask for more?

You’re the only one whom I won’t be able to move on ever without. You’re the only one I’ll profess the cliché line “I’d Die Without You” and even turn it to something literal.

And now that you know all of these confessions, I hope you won’t be a self-centered fat mouth partner about it to others. Or else.


Next time, when I get to have more time in my hands, I’ll try this kind of love letter writing.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Boyish Fashion Look is In!

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Love this particular get-up from the

Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2015 Women’s Lookbook


Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Very Own Bra Wishlist Fashion

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Need I say more. REPRESENT!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Start The New Year Right

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Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why there are people who just couldn’t seem to find the right motivation or inspiration to get them through the days of their lives thankful. I actually find it heartbreaking when I browse social media sites like Facebook and read people’s status updates saying how unkind life has been to them. (Ni hindi naisip na maswerte sila’t nakakapagFacebook pa sila kumpara sa ibang nasira na ang bahay sa bagyo o nag Noche Buena sa kalsada.)
Siguro nga some people have all the luck, these “nega” people might think. And I won’t deny it, mahirap talagang maging positive especially if you are surrounded with the not so pleasant things the world also renders along with the good. Siguro nga may malas, may swerte. Pero kung yung swerte nga, minsan minamalas din, malamang dadating din ang swerte sayo kung tingin mong malas ka. (Remembering Feng Shui 2)
For the entire year that passed, the best gift I got from the Lord is gratefulness. My eyes opened wider and my heart became bigger to all the goodness He bestowed in my life. I realized that the key to staying happy and inspired everyday is to feel joyful in the everyday things that I do. 
No matter how routine-oriented my everyday arrived, I always ponder on how more comfortable my life is than some and that one day, I hope to be the Almighty’s instrument to ease their burdens as well. And even when some days are darker than the usual, I make an EFFORT to stay happy and positive. I avoid succumbing to anything that will put me down. 
So, the point, you make it your choice. There is no self help material, no seminar or not even the best person you consider in the world can make you happy and positive. 
There is no magic to it. It all depends on you. 
If you think it is way too impossible to even change your mind and make your perspective better on the optimist side for this new year of 2015, there’s still hope. Remember, there are miracles. But you know, try acting on it first. 
Happy New Year!

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